Monday, February 1, 2010

process of Castle in the Air, Feb 1

On Jan 19, I had 12,700 words. Fialka had a look at it and made some excellent suggestions, and I messed around for another thousand words. Today I hoped I could finsih it, even though I knew finishing was not going to happen. I was determined to work till I had 14K, and after messing around most of the day (amply distracted by the Web), I have 15K some-odd. I hope to God the end is in sight.

I put in datelines to try to keep track, and realized Castle would never have been out of town for Halloween.

I need to go back and put more Beckett thoughts in, if I am going to have them cropping up because I was looking for her on Facebook. What if she won't friend me? Hers is not as well-filled as Castle's, but better than Lanie's.

I played with Google maps a bit, and there are some good looking restaurants within a couple blocks of the precinct hq.

I realized I had said something clear about one minor character that meant a rework of what I was doing (if she got her lawyer on the board, the executive director knows her) and that seemed to help a bit. I dislike my villain so much I fear I am telegraphing.

Nice articles on Muslim liturgy. Halaka in Hebrew is the same thing as halaqa in Arabic.

The NY sanitation department has a decent website.

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